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    Tableau Reader problem

    jason thompson

      I am new to Tableau and am having trouble with other viewing dashboard created using Tableau Reader.  I am using verion 9.3 and the reader is same version.  I saved the file as a .twbx version as well.  I am getting the error "Unknown data source class 'sqlserver'



      ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Manideep Bhattacharyya

          Hello - Please remember one thing that Tableau Reader doesn't have any connectivity to any database. So if you are building any dashboards and think of accessing that using Tableau Reader, then first the underlying database to be converted into a simple TDE file and then create dashboard based on that TDE.


          The steps would be the following:

          1. Create an extract from server to get a TDE file and save in your local disk.
          2. Open Tableau workbook in Tableau Desktop 9.3 and add the newly created TDE file.
          3. Then Data-source has to be replaced. Existing data source to be replaced by the newly created TDE file.
          4. While replacing sometime colors resets to default, in that case change the color legend to the desired.
          5. Once done, do a one round of check the navigation and numbers and tallied that with the Given file.
          6. Once everything looks ok, then save the dashboard as TWBX

          This twbx file should be opened in Tableau Reader. Provided you are using Tableau Reader 9.3




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            Toby Erkson

            Jason, you need to make sure that ALL data sources are set to Extract.  You cannot have any Live data sources or connections.