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    Analyzing across multiple values for a single day

    Steve Demanovich


      I've reached a point where I need to ask for some help.  I have a series of data that includes dates/times, time stamps, geographic locations, reps, and tasks.  I am trying to determine what % of times the rep time stamp was prior to 9:00 am - but only for weekdays, those days where he had at least one valid appointment that was scheduled prior to 9:00 am, and that had a valid task (anything other than null).  The challenge I'm facing is how to make the analysis for days with multiple appointments.  The summary needs to show the % met by technician, city, state, and region - at any and all those levels. The end result will be a viz like this, but will also need to display the summary stats in the tooltip.  I've attached a sample data set along with what the correct analysis would be for given reps and the days included.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


      If it matters at all, the data is a SQL extract from an Oracle database so if anything can be achieved in the SQL prior to Tableau that's an option as well.

      tableau snaphot example.JPG