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    Measure names with independent size for each line

    Karel Hejkal

      Hi there,


      I have been searching discussions for a lot of time, but somehow I did not get the right answer. Here is what I look for.


      We have had a betting contest with friends. EURO 2016 matches. I wanna create an overview how each of us performed during the games. There for I have this basic data (pic 01):


      • match date (but not needed)
      • match id
      • teams
      • names with points per a game (hokic)
      • names with cumulative points (hokic1) - as I did not know show it in graph from basic hokic column (but that is not my question)


      I am able to create combined graph that shows lines of cumulative points for each of us. But the thing is the angle of the line, whether it is horizontal or almost vertical, which shows who guessed the particular match better or worse, are to me not as descriptive as the circles with different sizes depending on point per game would be.


      And here comes the problem.


      • I am able to turn those lines (pic 02) to circles in the combined graph
      • I am also able to show the circle size amount of points in each game for a particular person in a single graph (like SUM Bob1 for the Rows and Bob for the size) (pic 03)
      • But I am not able to put the individual graphs together, as cannot make the circle sizes depend each other on different measure.


      I have tried a lot, maybe I am just missing something, but I have failed so far. So my question - is there any way or am I trying to reach impossible here ?


      Thanks for anyone who would help. Though it is not a question of national security to make this work








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          Diogo Braga

          Not sure if I understood what you are looking to achieve. Based on my understanding of your question, here's my suggestion:


          You need to create the visuals on the same sheet, then right-click on the axis, select Dual Axis. After doing that, right-click on the axis again to select 'Synchronize Axis.'


          Feel free to share your workbook.

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            Manideep Bhattacharyya

            Please share some sample data to get a definite solution.




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              Karel Hejkal

              Hi there,


              I have been Photoshopping a bit and I show how would I like to see the result (though using only three measures).


              Instead of those lines I would like to have circles. That is what I am able to do. But I want the circles sizes for each measure being independent and tied with particular user (friend). Lets see example.


              The progress of the line (or dotted line) shows how many points got for example friend Bob during the EURO in the moment. Lets say after 20 games he has had 42 points.  And the size of each circle means how many points he got in the particular game. So he got 3 points for this game so the circle size should be bigger then in other game when he had scored zero.


              I can achieve this only when I put one user in the graph.


              But when I put all the users in one graph together by dragging Measure Values to rows, I am able to apply only one measure to set the circles sides. I am not able to tie Bob's progress to Bob's points in particular game and lets say Vadim's progress to Vadim's points in the game. For when I drag the measures with particular points per a game, only one of them applies to all the cumulative measures.


              As I am not sure how to export tableau file, I attach the original one where all the data are on sheet F.



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                Manideep Bhattacharyya

                Hello - I think you wanted a chart similar to this.





                Then Rename the Fields.


                Hopefully this will help.




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                  Karel Hejkal



                  thank you for the reply, have had busy day, I will try to work out the pilot possibility. At the moment I just have to say the picture of yours does not show what I wish as an outcome.


                  For as you can see at my "this is what I want" collage, the points amount of users should rise during the games as they keep scoring points. When they score more (bigger circles) for they hit the right winning team, their points rise. When they do not score (small circles), their overall score is the same for next game. But the line, or hypothetical line between the circles should never fall down.


                  I may also say what the outcome should tell. For example when there is an area of small circles only for all users, it tells that it was surprising game and an outsider won - so all of us had bad bets. If there are all big, it tells that probably favorite has won. And when the size of circles differs, it means someone has had good guess and some other has bad guess for the result of the game.


                  That's from me for now, and oh, one more thing. I am not able to export and open the twbx. Is it because I run the public version only? I ask just in case for I cannot show your file somehow.


                  Cheers and thanks a lot one more time.



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                    Manideep Bhattacharyya

                    Hello - I have changed to Running Sum and published it in Tableau Public.



                    | Tableau Public


                    Hope this will solve the issue