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    Using a Grand Total to Calculate Repair Type Percentages

    Randy Sexton

      I have analyzed the repair types in numerous ways but a request to calculate the repair type % based on the total of all service reports over a given date range has me stumped. 


      Currently each repair type is analyzed within its  Sales Area, but I cannot use the Grand total to figure the Area % as a part of the total of all Areas.  The  problem is based on the need to use the Repair Type as a filter.  When I filter out repair Types the totals change.  I need the Grand Total for all Areas and all Repair Types to regain a constant for the selected date range and Area Selection.

      I have tried using an  LOD calculation but the "Total Hours" for each repair type used a table calculation and will not work within an LOD.

      For example I would like to be able to calculate 815.3/12,665.3 or 49.5/12,665.3 etc.



      I would appreciate any assistance to resolve this issue.Repair Type.jpg