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    Reference line median does not match median aggregate calculation

    brian howard

      I have a worksheet that's a boxplot of some durations.  It's constructed by adding a reference line -> boxplot plot and reference line -> distribution (quartiles).


      However, the middle line of the boxplot and the 2nd quartile (i.e. 50th percentile) produce a different median value than if I were to add a measure of median(duration).   The aggregate calculation median(duration) is only available with an extract, while the reference line boxplot and distributions don't require it.  I've also noticed that the reference line type median follows the quartiles and boxplot, and therefore also doesn't match the calculated aggregate median(duration). 


      Why in the world are there different medians?  How can I get a boxplot displayed with the aggregate median(duration) not the messed up one that the reference line computes?