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    Completely dynamic URL for URL action

    Eric Tobias

      I have a dashboard the constructs the entire content of a URL from various fields. The end result is a calculated field called, "Destination URL". However, when I create the URL action on the dashboard and enter "<Destination URL>" in the URL box I get "Invalid field expression '[Destination URL]' in URL." I know the URL is correct, because if I copy and paste it directly into the address bar it works fine. For some reason when the URL consists ONLY of a dynamic field Tableau is failing the validation. I can also confirm that the URL action does not work in either Desktop or in a browser. Again, I know the URL is correct, so it isn't due to a malformed URL. I'd also note that I'm neither URL encoding nor allowing multiple values.


      Any idea why Tableau doesn't like a 100% dynamic URL and how I can get it to work?