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    Need help setting appropriate filter

    Purvi Ajmera



      I have a set of data where I don't want to filter by "ALL" as an option- I customized it to not include "ALL"  however I have a chart above that linked to the data and converts the bottom portion to revert to "ALL"   IS there a way to fix that?  Thanks in advance


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          Tom W

          It sounds like you're using an action filter. Make sure the action filter option for "Clearing the selection will" is set appropriately to either leave the filter or exclude all.

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            Michael Hesser

            Hi Purvi;

            If your issue is that filters are defaulting to ALL on open, you can change this behavior, too (though there's a little more work involved).

            • I created a discrete value called One which was equal to 1. I dropped this onto the dashboard and hid it.
            • Next I created a Display Hack: this compares the Total possible number of Pipeline Types to the Number that are actually selected. If ALL values are selected, nothing is displayed:

              Display Hack
              IF SUM({fixed : countd([Pipeline Types])})= (window_COUNT([One])) THEN "No"
              ELSE "Yes"


            I put Display Hack on the filters and chose "Yes". It worked fairly smoothly!


            Bugs: If the user decides to show ALL (or every box), the screen goes blank. But as soon as they remove one, the remaining Pipeline Types appear like magic.


            If you have any questions, please let me know!

            Good luck and thanks for using the forum!