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    Tableau Extract

    AJ AJ

      I have a requirement where when an extract is complete and the dashboard is updated,The udpated dashboard needs to be approved by the VP user.

      Once the VP users approved the data then the Low Level users will be able to look at the data.


      MyQuestion is : My solution is, My extract is huge and we are planning to have the extract done in the QA Site and once approval is done it is republished ot Prob.


      1. What i Need is when I republish to prod, will it take time?
      2. When i have it as an Extract can you tell me where the TDE is stored in the server. Is there a way that i can copy it and place it in a different folder for the above solution

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          Glen Robinson

          Hi AJ

          Because you have different Sites (QA and PROD) there is no easy process to migrate Datasources from one Site (or Server) to another.

          Firstly to answer your questions

          1. If the extract is huge, it will take time to publish to the Prod Site.

          2. You cant just copy the TDE file from one folder to another, as a way of publishing to another site.


          You can automate the process however. Tabcmd gives you the ability to publish data sources, (but doesnt give the option of downloading a datasource)

          REST API does however give you the ability to download a datasource and publish it to another site (though you will have to write / find the script to do so)




          A different solution would be to have QA as a project in the Production Server (with limited access), in which case once the Workbook / Extract have been approved, you can simply move them to another Project when they are ready.


          If you do require QA and Prod to be on different Sites, then you can purchase the Enterprise Deployment Tools from InterWorks, which allows you create the workflow and automate it to manage these types of deployments.



          All the best



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            AJ AJ

            Hi Glen,



            Thank you very much for your inputs. As per your suggestion I can have the report in 2 separate project and

            limit the access, and might need more of your advise.



            1. If the extract is huge, it will take time to publish to the Prod Site.

            Would it take time even if i automate the process through tabcmd. since i am a newbee pardon my ignorace for asking this. i was wondering if i do a refresh of an extract from tabcmd for site1 and do a publish of the same to site2 would it still take time, bcos i thought that the datasouce in the server is just a connection of the physical connection.


            2. A different solution would be to have QA as a project in the Production Server (with limited access), in which case once the Workbook / Extract have been approved, you can simply move them to another Project when they are ready

            Just need some advise on this, when i have different project, should i also have different extract for different dashboard in the project to diferentiate the date or is there a way i can apprach this.

            for Example : VP should only see the new data until he approves, after his apprval the rest of the world can see the data, so for this we have to have solution to avoid underlying users of VP should not see the refresed extract data until the VP appoves it).


            I hope I have conveyed what I was really looking for...

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              Glen Robinson

              Hi AJ


              For Question 1. Within Tableau Server, Sites are completely logically separated, and even if the data (TDE) is sitting on the same server, there is no way of 'sharing' between sites. If you want the TDE to be available on another site then it needs to be published to that site.

              The only process of getting an extract from one site to another is to download from site A, and publish to Site B.

              If the data is refreshed on Site A, then it is still the same process. Download from Site A and Publish to Site B.

              Depending on the size of the Extract will determine how long this process will take.


              Options for doing this are;

              1. Manual. You connect via Tableau Desktop (or GUI), and download, and publish, etc by hand.

              2. Write a script (using REST API) to download and publish.

              3. Use the Powertools EDT.

              All three perform the same process; Download from Site A and Publish to Site B


              For Question 2.

              If your TDE is being refreshed by a schedule then this option isn't really going to work for you. (If it was a new data source, with a new Workbook, then having it in a QA project, (which is restricted) and moving it to Prod when ready would work fine.)


              I'm not really seeing an approach which will allow users only to see data in a report which has been approved, short of replacing the whole TDE when the approval has been done. And I cant really see that as an option if the data is on the same site (ie old TDE and new TDE), and there is a refresh schedule which is creating the new TDE file


              Hope this clears things up for you



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                AJ AJ

                Hi Glen,


                Thanks for your reply and approach which is giving me much clarity. I was thing about an approach of using Project-A and Project-B and each using different Extracts.

                When the VP approves the Data it will be just a flip over of access form Project-A to Project-B.


                I was thinking of flipping over the user from Project-A to Project-B by Adding & Removing the users via TABCMD.


                I was planning to go with this approach since the schedule from Site1 to Site2 will take time based on the data we are publishing.


                Please suggest me if this approach is something I can use.



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                  Glen Robinson

                  Hi AJ

                  Just for clarity. Are you suggesting that you have 2 workbooks (which are identical, except for that they live in different projects, and point to different data sources.) The Data sources are identical except that they are on different refresh schedules.

                  Day 1: Everyone points to Workbook A, which connects to Datasource A extract, residing in Project A.

                  Datasource B extract is refreshed, and is looked at by the VP (connecting to Workbook B, in Project B)


                  The VP approves the Data updates. Permissions are removed from Project A for end users, and granted to Project B

                  End users then view updated data in Workbook B.


                  Day 2:

                  Everyone points to Workbook B, which connects to Datasource B extract, residing in Project B.

                  Datasource A extract is refreshed, and is looked at by the VP (connecting to Workbook A, in Project A)


                  etc etc


                  The problems with the above scenario are

                  1. The URL for the Workbooks will be different (even if the Workbooks in Tableau Server have the same name)

                  URL for Workbook A http://tableauserver/views/Workbook/Sheet1

                  URL for Workbook B http://tableauserver/views/Workbook_0/Sheet1

                  This is going to cause confusion if users have saved favourites, etc


                  2. There may be issues when you do the security permissions changes , if someone has the workbook open. They will suddenly get error messages (i think)


                  However, Im not sure of a good solution to your problem.

                  My only (half decent ) thought is as follows

                  All users connect to Workbook A, connecting to Extract A.

                  You add an additional column to the Database that the extract connects to called 'Access Allowed'. Any data which everyone can see has TRUE for that row, and any new (unapproved data) has FALSE against it. You have a user filter on the extract data source which only allows the VP to see rows with FALSE against it. Normal users are blocked from seeing this data.

                  Once the data is approved, the DataBase is updated, with the FALSEs replaced with TRUE, and the refresh re-run

                  The new extract once completed, will have data which everyone can access.


                  Not a great solution, but the best I can think of..


                  All the best


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                    AJ AJ

                    HI Glen,


                    Thanks you very much for your thoughts which assisted me to have a solution for my requirement. I am going ahead with the Project-1/Project-2 approach for my requirement even though we had some challenges.


                    Appreciate your support and guidance.