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    Add all parts of a quadrant into one circle

    Deepti Pradhan

      Hi, I've looked at a few posts that I thought might help with my question, but the solutions provided don't work for me. I hope you can help.

      I have an x-axis (-1 to 25) that is a calculated field, and a y-axis (0 to 12). To keep it simple, they are basically two types of scores assigned to 500K+ individuals; each of these individuals is under the charge of someone - there are about 50 such someones. I've divided the plot into quadrants and would like to do the following:


      1. Plot 1 with points proportional in size to the number of individuals who have the same x, y values

      2. Plot 2 where there is just one circle in each quadrant, and the size of the circle corresponds to the total number of individuals in that quadrant.

      Eventually, an end user will use these plots with a filter that corresponds to a person in charge of these individuals, so the size of these will change with the name of the person in charge.


      Any advice will be deeply appreciated. I'm attaching a pic to show you how many individuals are in each quadrant. I'm afraid I can't de-identify the data so can't post that - I'm  sure it would be much easier for you to help, if that were available.