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    Edit Map Locations for US Counties not finding matches

    Stuart Dunlap



      I have a lot of unknown US counties showing up for my map, however when I open the Edit Locations form I am able to find that same county in the matching location drop down.

      I think I may not understand how this is supposed to work...


      I thought if the county were showing in the Matching Locations column and that county name exactly matched the value in the 'Your Data' column, that Tableau would automatically pick it up.  The screenshot below shows an example of what I'm talking about, I have 'Charles' county flagged as unknown in the 'Your Data' column, however there is an exact match in the 'Matching Location' column.  I started with 448 unknowns and I've now manually typed it down to 322, however that's a lot of typing for something that it seems Tableau should be able to match on its own.


      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?  See screen shot below:


      Tableau Map Edit Locations Dialog.png