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    Yet another question about sign-in

    Eric Vaughan

      When embedding tableau with Javascript, I see the "Sign in to..." box.


      I have no problem with this, but my question is this:


      I'm embedding 4 views on the page.


      So I get 4 "Sign in" boxes.

      When I click one of the "Sign in" buttons, then manually reload my views, they work fine - the user is now authenticated.


      What I would like to know is, can I get notified when they click the "Sign in" button on one of those boxes, so I can automatically reload the other views without user interaction?


      I would even be satisfied with a "hack"-y way of doing it.



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          Steve Burger



          Is setting up Single Sign On an option?  Are the customers already authenticated when they come to the site/page in which these are embedded?

          Basically you are being asked to authenticate for each embedded viz..  If this is a web page/app just create a landing page that asks for a login and authenticate there once for the session.


          Or, if it's internal and you are using AD, use that for the single sign on.


          If Single Sign On in Tableau is a new concept, start here: Authentication


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