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    Addition of 2 line graphs in a 3rd line graph?

    Sagar Agarwal

      Hello, I am new to Tableau and I am trying to plot my data around for my boss. I have just started learning it and stuck with what seems like a daunting task.

      I have 2 line graphs - lets say Profit from X & Profit from Y over the past year.

      I need to plot an additional Total Profit line graph in the same worksheet. In the end, I want 3 line graphs - Profit from X, Profit from Y, and Total Profit.


      Can anyone please help me with this?


      Few other details:

      Using Tableau 9.3

      I have total 10 items listed, of which 4 items form group X and rest 6 items form group Y. I have used "group members" method to form these groups.