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    Tableau Forecasting?


      Any expertise using Tableau’s forecasting? I tried using it, it’s pretty neat but biggest challenge is, data points used for forecasting need to be part of visualization. I have situation where I want to show only current month’s MTD actual and forecasted data. In this situation, most of the times, Tableau won’t show any forecasted data as very little data samples available for tableau to predict. I have workaround this using calculated field, but just was wondering, any other options available?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Ravi,


          You are correct that to do forecasting, you will need to have a all the associated data marks in the view.  Normal tricks to hide data while it remains considered for calcuations  will not work with forecasting since the addition of the table calculation will break the view.  Forecast Option Not Available (Grayed Out) | Tableau Software  describes what causes Forecasts to not appear and may be helpful to others stumbling on this question.


          I am curious about how you managed to get a calculation workaround.  If you can share, please do as I'm sure it would have value to other users.


          Thank you