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    Percentage of Total with a filter

    Renato Rocha

      @Hi, All


      My problem is:


      I want to see the percentage of total within each region by month of my company based on a product filter. In this way i can understand how is the availability of each product in each region and month.


      When i tried to do that in Tableau, the table calculations are doing the calculation based on global total of stores instead of total of stores for that month and region for that filtered product.


      Example: If you see in month JUNHO and Região 11 the percentual are 74%, but it is wrong because the total amount of stores in junho for the total products (based on a filter) are 772 and the percentage should be 95%. When i select the products filter the calc are based in the total of stores which are 989 stores in 2016.


      What i'm are doing wrong ?


      Captura de Tela 2016-07-13 às 11.15.54.png