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    LOD - Cluster problem

    Andrea Casadei

      Hello everyone,

      I am a new community user and i would like to ask how to solve this issue. I have a set of data about several customers among different years and I used table calculation in order to calc if one customer has bought more goods respect previous year or not. At the end I found several options, for example a customer could be called as "new" if he boughy 0 in the previous year and if he bought something in the current year or viceversa i could called it as "lost" if he didn't bought anything in the current year respect the previous etc etc.

      Then i create a table in order to check if the results are correct and i used two headers: Cluster and Customer Name.

      Cluster is a dimension (there are three possible cluster in which a customer could be insered) and this is the result:


      So for example in the 2015, in Cluster 1, Allibert Benelux i a client type 5 (Client type is the calculated field explained before) and in the 2016 the same customer is a client type 4.

      Now i would like to create a table with only cluster in which i can see the total number of client with "client type" = 1,2,3,4,5 ..... So for example for the Cluster 1 i would like to see this result:


      Client Type 2015 = 1
      Client Type 2015 = 2
      Client Type 2015 = 4Client Type 2015 = 5

      Cluster 1

      Cluster 23001
      Cluster 35112


      How can i create this?


      Thanks to all in advanced for help