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    Error Message Data Engine Error: 40389

    Ben McCulloch

      Hi All,


      I hope someone can explain what this message means. I tried google to find this error with no luck. This is the full error Tableau Data Engine Error: 40389: RunLengthDataStream::Seek. The workbook connects 24 spreadsheets, 1 for each fiscal year and then it has Tableau perform a union join. It is put into an extract and it filters out some rows of data that are not needed. The number of records in the file is almost 5 million. I am attaching the twbx. It is all public data just not easily available. If I refresh the extract it works fine but when I save and close the workbook the next time I open it it gives me the error again.


      Once other piece of information I noticed when I look at the query it shows a Calculation_573927512877068293 which I have no idea what that is but when ever I have seen something similar it is the cause of the problem.


      Thanks in advance,