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    All value missing in filter

    Philip George



      I have a quick filter in the dashboard. If I search for any values starting with particular character then the filter values will get narrow down. but I dont see the All value option now  in the narrow down filter. I have to manually select all the check boxes one by one. What is the alternative for this. Please refer issue 3 in the attached item.




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          Joe Oppelt

          You have to upload a .twbX file.  Not a TWB.




          file -> "Extract Packaged Workbook" to create a .twbx

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Once you get your list narrowed down, click the first Label/Name (not the square), hold down the shift key, scroll to the bottom and click the label/name of the last one. Then click any square and they will all change from checked to unchecked or visa-versa. While they are all selected you can change them back and forth.


            BTW, if you're getting a few items you didn't want after doing the first selection, you can use Ctrl-click to deselect those items individually. Play with it and you'll get it.


            And now that Simon Runc is GIF-ing, maybe he'll make you a GIF showing you what I'm talking about.





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              Simon Runc

              ...I need no second invitation for a go on my new toy!!! (...and with title screen!!)




              btw this also works in all other (to my knowledge anyway) filters in Tableau (so filter shelf, manually created sets...etc.)

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                Philip George

                Hi Simon,


                This functionality is present in Tableau desktop. But after I publish this to Tableau server this functionality does not exist.


                Can I get a similar functionality in web also?


                I use Version 9.




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                  Simon Runc

                  hi Philip,


                  No unfortunately not...and I didn't know this functionality doesn't map to server. We're also still on T9.0 Server, so not sure if it's available in 9.3 Server? Shawn Wallwork do you have access to 9.3?


                  There would (in theory) be a (very complicated) way by using javascript built filters & URL actions...but let's see if 9.3 works before even trying to explore that (you'd also need access to a pretty good .js developer!). An easier way might be to create that filter as a separate sheet, and use action filters from that to drive the filtering (I tend to keep quick-filters to a minimum and allow user to get around using click-actions...which is why I had never tried the multi-select on server before!). If that doesn't make sense, let me know and I can work up a quick example.

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                    Łukasz Majewski

                    Indeed, this functionality does not work on server 9.3

                    Ctrl+A neither.

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                      Philip George



                      In my scenario the field has many distinct values.So keeping a sheet is not a good idea I think because the sheet will have many values and we cannot keep a drop down there.




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                        Simon Runc

                        hi Philip,


                        It's worth considering that although having the list in a sheet doesn't give the 'drop-down' affect...by making the selector into a Viz (say with bars), although it takes up more room, by making it a Viz (with extra information) it can 'justify' the extra space it takes!...just  thought


                        Another option I thought of, was to use a parameter and text search...in the attached I've use a bit of both! You can use the parameter to filter down the Viz-selector (where I've set it so the user can use upto 3 search terms...but you could add more)


                        So first I created an 'Any' entry text parameter



                        Allowing the use to put in upto 3 comma separated search terms. I then created the following 3 calculations to 'retrieve' those values


                        [Search Term 1]

                        SPLIT([Search - Comma Seperated (Up to 3)],',',1)


                        [Search Term 2]

                        SPLIT([Search - Comma Seperated (Up to 3)],',',2)


                        [Search Term 3]

                        SPLIT([Search - Comma Seperated (Up to 3)],',',3)


                        and then I use these in a formula to act as a filter

                        [Filter on Selection]

                        CONTAINS([Order ID],[Search Term 1]) AND

                        CONTAINS([Order ID],[Search Term 2]) AND

                        CONTAINS([Order ID],[Search Term 3])


                        This is optional...as you were including/excluding values, I've also added this functionality, so I set up a boolean parameter


                        and then the final filter (which I bring into the shelf and set to =1 & apply to both sheets) is

                        [Final Filter]

                        IF [INCLUDE/EXCLUDE] THEN

                        IIF([Filter on Selection],1,0) ELSE IIF(NOT([Filter on Selection]),1,0) END


                        So this way I can put in multiple 'text string' searches which filter both Vizes...and then (by setting up an action on the 'selector Viz' can further filter down by clicking/selecting the bars)


                        Not ideal, but might be usable

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                          Shawn Wallwork

                          The functionality does work in Tableau Public, which is currently 9.3 (I believe). However you have to use the boxes not the labels. See attached mp4. I used the shift key throughout the recording.



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