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    password protect an "admin" view


      Hi, my workbook has several dashboards.  One of them is used to control the parameter for the stored procedure.  This shouldn't be changed by anyone.  However, I want it there for administrative purposes - so that I don't have to republish as I could just change the parameter value.


      So I would like to achieve this: password protect only the Admin Dashboard but everything else is freely available to the users.  Is it possible?

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          khalid norat

          Hi Sea Urchin,


          This is not a built in functionality but you could probably create this using parameters and hidden sheets.


          Unfortunately I don't think this will help in what you are trying to achieve as the parameter value will only change for yourself and not other users.


          As an Admin you should have the Edit functionality enable on the server.

          You can have access the sheet on this change the Parameter and save

          This should update the parameter value for all users.


          Hope this helps.


          Let me know if you have any further questions.

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