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    Number of common UIDs between years

    Vasileios Kagklis

      Hello everyone,


      I have some records and two of the dimensions are: registrationYear and UID. For each year, a number of different UIDs appear.

      The same UID can appear in combination with a different year. The UIDs are strings.

      I place registrationYear in column and row, and the COUNT(UID) in the Label.

      This setup gives me a value only in the diagonal of the table! What I want to do is have a table as the following:


                2003 2004 2005 2006 ...


      2004                        X




      with all the cells filled with the number of UIDs that are common between the 2 years. For example, in the first cell (2003, 2003) I want the number of UIDs that appear in 2003.

      In the second row (2004), third column (2005), marked by an X, I want the number of UIDs that appear in 2004, but also appear in 2005.

      Is this possible in Tableau?


      Thank you in advance,