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    Custom Geocoding Showing Cities as "Ambiguous"

    Katie Walsh



      I am creating a map which will plot employee headcount by Country/State/City (the only necessary countries being US and Canada).  However, because my company operates in many small towns, a number of cities are showing as "unrecognized".


      I imported custom geocodes (titles, etc formatted correctly) and it seems to load with no issues.  However, once it is done loading, some of the cities which were previously plotting disappear and the number of Special Values errors increases from 439 to >1K.


      However, instead of unrecognized, the cities are now showing as "ambiguous".  I understand that this would usually be from 2 causes:


      #1) The city was not listed in the geocode file I imported.  A spot check of a few cities shows this not to be the case, nor are there more than 1 city with that name in the same state

      #2) Not having Country and State dimensions added to the Detail/Marks card.  I have both Country and State dimensions in the details and they show in the "Edit Locations" box.


      The dimensions have been assigned to their correct Geographic role and show as globes. 


      I've done quite a lot of research and cannot identify where I might be going wrong.  Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thank you,