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    Asterisks Display in Tooltip for Hex Tile Map

    Kazumi Nozawa



      I would like to display multiple institutions' name in Tooltip for hexagon tile map.(How To: Hex Tile Maps in Tableau | Sir Viz-a-Lot ).

      I am trying to use a secondary data source which includes multiple institutions.

      I understand that asterisks are displayed in Tooltip because there are more than one matching member in the secondary data source.

      By referring Asterisks Display in Tooltips | Tableau Software, I could avoid asterisks in Tooltip using bar graph.


      I created a calculated field called "Filtered Institution Feeder"

      IF FIRST()= 0

      THEN MIN([Institution])

      ELSEIF MIN([Institution]) != LOOKUP( MIN([Institution]), -1 )

      THEN PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + ", " + MIN([Institution])




      I also created a calculated field called "Filtered Institution for Tooltip"

      PREVIOUS_VALUE(Lookup([Filtered Institution Feeder],Last()))


      However, the Tooltip only displays one institution name.


      As Joe Oppelt mentioned, it may not work because I am pulling multiple values from secondary data source. I attach a packaged workbook example. The first sheet displays asterisk. The second sheet displays only one value. The third sheet displays all values in Tooltip using bar graph.


      Does anyone have any idea to avoid asterisks display in Tooltips for Hex Tile Map?