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    Changing week start doesn't work (ideas?)

    Abe Burnett

      Hi there!


      I've been having a persistent issue with Tableau 9.0 which is driving me crazy. There are two official solutions for changing the "week start" date. I have tried both and neither has worked. I'm pulling in a table from SQL Server and storing it in an extract. When I right-click on the data source and choose "Date Properties" and then change the "Week Start" dropdown to Saturday and click "OK" then all the sudden all my worksheets go blank! Refreshing the extract doesn't help and the worksheets just stay blank until I right-click on the data source and restore the "Week Start" back to Sunday (which it was initially).


      Also, the other solution from here: Setting the First Day of the Week to Monday | Tableau Software doesn't work (i.e., using DATEADD).


      Using DATEADD doesn't blank out my worksheets, but it moves things around on my line chart without changing the dates associated with the data points. I.e., the date labels don't change no matter what interval I select, and the date associated with the data points (when I hover over them) also doesn't change.


      So... I'm curious how in the heck I get my "start of week" date to change and see that reflected on the date labels listed below my charts, and the dates associated with my data points in the charts themselves.



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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Do you have any datasource filters or do you have any filters on your sheet?

          Also, which exactly version are you using?


          Would you be able to share a minimal repro workbook?

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            Samuel Edeh

            Yes, Tableau's week starts on Sunday. To change it to Saturday start (financial week tends to start on Saturday), I created a calculated field with the following formula: DATETRUNC('week', [Date])-1. In my case, it was something like this:



            And it worked! It did change my date from continuous (green pill) to discrete (blue pill) which gave nonstandard date time like "06/20/2016 12:00:00 AM". You can easily change this by formatting/customizing your calculated field to something like mmm dd, yy:



            And even better and simpler way to do this is to change the date properties at the data source as explained here: Week starting on Monday