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    Solution for geocoding

    Owen Pierce

      Hi All,


      I wonder if anyone has an easy solution for batch geocoding? I have over 12000 individual mark names which I want to display on a map e.g companies, landmarks etc separated by country and city but I need an easy way to accurately add lat and long for each individual mark so that marks are not clusterd together.


      Does anyone know how this could be easily done? I have used a few batch geocoders online but they arn't very accurate.


      Any advice appreciated,




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          Stephane Marx

          Hi Owen,


          Have a look at this free and great web tool: http://drawingtool.powertoolsfortableau.com/

          it allows you to plot / draw areas on a map or background image and automatically generate the latitude & longitude.

          You can then use that in Tableau to build your visualizations, super useful!

          Hope this helps,

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            Owen Pierce

            Hi Stephane,


            Thanks for the reply.


            I want to upload a large data set with location name, country and city and then have the system populate long and lat details. the recommended solution doesn't seem to do that.


            I have found other solutions online for batch geocoding but they aren't accurate enough. If I go to google maps and type in "Harvard University I get exact coordinates but any other program I uses is off by a couple of blocks. I am sincerely hoping that manual entry is not the way to go.


            Thanks again,