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    Placing Images Along Gantt Chart

    John Buschman



      Does anyone know how to place images along a Gantt chart.  Here's what I'm trying to create.  I've already created the stacked bars but now I'm trying to place the milestone icons on top.  I already have the icons and I've saved them to the repository and can view them via the Shapes on the Marks card. 


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Gantt Chart.JPG

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          Donna Coles

          Hi John - without any knowledge of your data set or what you've achieved so far, then I would suggest you should be able to add the milestone markers via a dual axis, since you need control over the different mark types - bars and diamonds. 


          However I'm obviously not sure what you've done to get the blue & grey bars to show as you may already be using dual axis for this... a sample workbook would always be useful.

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