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    Sheet Selector using Paremeter - My "hidden" sheet still shows axis & lines

    Joe Proulx

      I'm sure there's something simple I'm missing here. I watched the video by Joe Oppelt and Matt Lutton and I'm trying to replicate what they did. I'm all set with the parameter and calc creation, but it's not working as expected.


      I have two sheets - A and B (named for illustrative purposes). I have created a parameter that allows the user to select A or B. I have created a calculated field that aligns with each sheet - when parameter shows A, sheet A shows data. When parameter shows B, sheet B shows data.


      This is where it gets odd. When I select sheet A, sheet B is entirely hidden - no data, no axis, no gridlines, nothing. However, when I select sheet B, sheet A insists on showing its axis, axis title, and gridlines....just no data. This becomes a problem when I bring them into the dashboard and want sheet A to be completely hidden.


      Note: even outside the dashboard...if I go into sheet A and select sheet B in the parameter, I can still view the axis, axis title, and gridlines of the sheet. When I do the opposite (go into Sheet B and select Sheet A in the parameter, the entire viz disappears as I want it to).


      Here's the sheet if I have it selected in the parameter:



      And here's the sheet if I select the other sheet in the parameter. See how it doesn't truly "disappear"? I expect the entire viz to disappear and just the gray background to show...but it's not.



      I'll try to mock this up in Superstore and see if I can replicate.