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    How can I display only the last record of a calculated field?

    Yan Gonzalez

      Hello guys! Such a pleasure to be here! Yan Gonzalez, from Paraguay here. Well, I'm working on this report, calculating the current yield (CY) on traded bonds at my local stock exchange (where I work). The CY is a calculated field which extracts info from 2 .xls: One withe the Operation date among other stuff, and another with the bond's rating, among other stuff too.

      Thing is, once I have the CY, I want to take the value from the last operation only, so I can have a yield curve for each bond rating. I tried a few things, like the Last() filter, but with no results. I'm really a newbie to this kind of filtering, so any help would be more than welcome!


      Thanks in advance!


      P.S.: The attached workbook is a small sample, the full tables have more than 6000 operations and 90 companies.