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    Conditional Format Mark/Annotation based on Calculation

    Nicholas Kamenos

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm working with survey response data and I'm looking to conditionally format a calculation within an annotation.


      Overall Satisfaction Score = 8.36 --- this number will stay the same. This is the average of all scores but I didn't include the "No Responses". zAvg Minus 0 = AVG(IIF([Values] = 0, Null, [Values]))


      As I filter the data, I would like my "<Company>'s Satisfaction Score" to continue calculating and then format differently compared to the "Overall Satisfaction Score" (8.36). I'm thinking something simple for right now like green = above average, red = below average.


      EXAMPLE of what I'd like (short term): ABC Company's Satisfaction Score was 7.35

                                                                       XYZ Company's Satisfaction Score was 9.35

      (Side Note: it would be neat to throw in the % difference based on Overall Satisfaction too.)


      Here's what I've tried that hasn't worked:

      • IF [zAvg Minus 0] >= 8.36 THEN [zAvg Minus 0] ELSE ' ' END

           ERROR: Expected type float, found string. Result type of ID expressions must match.


      • IF (STR([zAvg Minus 0])) >= 8.35 THEN [zAvg > overall sat] ELSE " " END

           ERROR: Can't compute string and float (if this worked I would have made the reverse to format below average)


      Thank you!