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    Assistance required with “Sorting Count” hierarchy error

    Lance Martens

      Hi All,


      I’m back at it again, thought we had a win but some gremlin has me stumped, I would appreciate any assistance with the following “Sorting” issue I have with my Sheet-B ??.



      • My data is primarily sorted highest to lowest based on “Count of delay events” of total down time
      • However, I also have an underlying SUM of delay duration factor to consider, all the “Similar Count event values” need to then be “Sorted” based on highest to lowest “SUM of delay down time”



      • Keeping my delay Count hierarch the same by primarily sorting highest to lowest
      • My sheet-A populates fine against this logic, however
      • Sheet-B, has a count of 13 even with the underlying data indicating the count is 4, try as I may I cannot seem to figure it out



      Please feel free to suggest any another option / approach to rank my delay count / respective sum distribution


      Any guidance will be most appreciated,