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    Incorrect Date Range in the IF Function

    Yvonne Cheng

      Hi All

      I would like to know how many days our staff take leave from 1/Jul/2015 to 30/Jun/2016. The calculation is as below.

      But the report filter out the leave that meets first condition. for example, if one employee takes leave from 25/Jun/2015 to 15/Jul/2015, it is not showed in the view.

      Appreciate you could advise how to fix this error. Thank you.

      The picture is also in the attachment. 

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          khalid norat

          Please could you share a sample data set so to be able to test this formula and see where it is going wrong.

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            Mark Fraser

            Hi Yvonne


            If you could provide a sample that would be helpful....


            Before that, my biggest concern is the parts coloured purple... that indicates they are parameters, and I can't imagine that you

            A) have set up parameters like that

            B) even if you did, would want to use parameters like that


            Have you ever noticed?


            I would have expected the formula to look more like this... (its different bu i hope you get the idea - no purple!)


            As mentioned, a sample will help us, help you




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              Yvonne Cheng

              Dear Mark,

              Thanks for you pointing out the error in my logic. I set up parameter because at that time I did not know how to compare the dates. I am

              very new to these functions.


              I tried you formula it works well.


              The reason for wrong date range is that I accidently used extracted data which only includes info after  1/Jul/2015.


              Thank you for your reply. I learned the date function.


              Best Regards