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    YTD Graph

    Erin Gogolin



      Can somebody please provide me with guidance on creating a YTD graph that doesn't show the YTD totals for all previous months? I just want one bar to show the YTD value of A and another for B.


      This is what I have so far:


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          Naveen Agarwal

          See if this works...I created a dummy data set for A and B by month/year.


          Then, I created a parameter to select the month/year you want to display YTD values for.


          Then, I created calculated fields for both A and B, using the following formula:


          {include [Date] :

              sum(IF year([Date])=year([Select Month])

                  and month([Date])<= datepart('month',[Select Month])

                  THEN [A]

                  ELSE 0



          Here is an example output when Jun 2016 is selected:


          YTD Example.png


          I am also attaching the workbook.

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            Erin Gogolin

            Thank you for helping me out.


            Unfortunately, this didn't work for me, and I'm unable to open the workbook to see exactly what you did because it's created with a newer version of Tableau.

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              Naveen Agarwal

              Ok, if you are able to create the calculated fields - one for A and another for B - using the calculation formula I used, you should be able to create the chart or table to show YTD numbers for the selected month.


              Here is a Screen shot for A. You can duplicate it for B.



              Here is a screen shot of how my worksheet looks



              I am attaching my Excel worksheet if you want to try it out...


              Let me know if you need additional help.

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                Erin Gogolin

                Can you please include a screen shot of the parameter you created?

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                  Naveen Agarwal

                  Sure, see below. I just created it using the List option and by directly importing all values from the Date column.


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                    Chris Dickson

                    Hi Erin what version of Tableau are you using?


                    There is a slightly older fashioned way to achieve what you want without LOD, but is easier to show you.

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                      Chris Dickson

                      Also i'm assuming Month is a fixed dimension and not calculated from a date field where you could simply change it to year rather than month?


                      I created the attached in 8.3, it requires the creation of a table calc


                      [HideFalse] = Last()=0


                      Drag this onto the columns shelf in between month and product, set the table calculation to calculate over month, then right click on any of the ones that say False and 'Hide'