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    Carry over groupings to a new data source

    David Moore

      Hello team,


      Many thanks in advance for your help and support!


      I have a daily report where I have built an extensive workbook that I use to publish several dashboards. In it I have to 'group' several dimensions, and then rename them to make sense to my broader audience. I'm trying to find a way where I can migrate the 'groupings' so that I don't have to redo them every time I connect to a new days data source, to update the dashboards. As this report grows, there will be several thousand of these dimensions..............


      Here are the steps that I take now that I would like to be able to transfer every time I update the data source in my workbook:

      1. Go to dimensions, and group several together in a list of several hundred now. These are numbers that reference a specific market location
      2. Once grouped, I rename the group to a city name


      Then, the next day, I replace the previous days data source with the current days' data. At this point, I find that my groupings don't apply or are not carried over. Any suggestions? Here's a simplistic example:


      Current DimensionResults
      Total                    404,300
      Grouped Dimensions and renamedResult
      I would like this to carry over once I replace the data source with an updated version



      Thoughts? Any alternative methods you might recommend?


      Many thanks again,



      Dave M.