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    Bar chart: A bar showing the difference between two bar values in a bar chart

    Usharani vankara


      I have the following data for which i need to create a bar chart as shown in the picture in tableau.

      Brand Sales week

      A 12 1

      B 20 1

      C 14 1

      A 12 2

      B 22 2

      C 16 2

      A 18 3

      B 16 3

      C 27 3

      My chart must contain sales in rows and week in columns. For every week, I must show three bars:

      1. Sales for Brand A (A is always fixed)

      2. sales for Brand B/ Brand C (B/C:- Its a parameter selection)

      3. Difference between sales of these two


      tableau quesrion.png@



      Please do reply if you can help me with this.