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    Monitor statistics for views embedded in Iframe

    Olga Yazovskaya

      Hi fellow admin,

      We are having an issue where statistics for views, which are embedded in an iFrame are not being recorded in 'historical_events' table.

      When I contacted tableau support I was told that it is expected in case of SAML authentication ( we have SAML ).

      I am trying to find a workaround to show the statistics to capture both: views via Iframe and which are accessed directly thru Tableau Server.

      I found that 'views_stats' table has captures this data, but only number of views and the last view, but not changes over time.

      So I am trying to use 'http_requests' table to get this information. and trying to focus on action types as "bootstrapSession" and "show". But not sure what is relevant.

      Can you share your opinion on this issue.


      Thank you