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    Filter null dates for a relative date window?

    Sophia Robinson

      Hi folks,


      I am automating a report for someone and am therefore stuck with a particular format.  It looks like this (headers and nonzero values censored):



      In this situation, I need to have a relative filter that defaults to this two-week view, but I also need to filter dates that have no data in them (e.g. for a week-over-week % change, so that it doesn't show the blank 06/26/16 column).  It seems like the relative date filter will only let me do one.  It won't let me add another filter on date, to get rid of the null column... the new one just vanishes and I am left with the first one.  If I change the relative date filter to get rid of nulls, it forces me to display all the weeks. I can't use "filter null values" on the entire view, because if I do, the row with all zeroes will be eliminated for the "WoW" table, causing the headers to not line up. 


      What can I do to make that rightmost column disappear, while retaining the blank row in the 07/03/16 WoW column?


      Thanks for your help!