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    Find a Min Value Over Last N Years

    Barry Sheldon



      I have a dataset which is just two columns: a date, and a value for that date.  For example:


      7/1/2016 1,542,151

      6/24/2016 4,564,222

      6/17/2016 9,654,123


      What I am trying to do is find the minumum value for the 5 prior years for the same week number of each datapoint.


      For example, on 7/1/2016, this was the 27th week of the year.  I am wanting to see the minimum value for the 27th week of 2011-2015.  My goal will be two lines displayed on the chart - the current value, and the smallest value in the Nth week of the last 5 years (excluding this year).


      Any idea how to do this?