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    Displaying Text Table for Most Recent Week and W/W Change

    Nicholas Gorman

      Hi Everyone,


      I need some help making a text-table like this one:




      Westpac St. GeorgeBank of MelbourneBank SABTBT Adviser ViewTotalWoW Change %
      This weekWoW Change %This weekWoW Change %This weekWoW Change %This weekWoW Change %This weekWoW Change %This weekWoW Change %
      Online Form Complete % % % % % % %
      Phone calls % % % % % % %
      Total Leads % % % % % % %
      Referred to Face to Face Advice % % % % % % %

      I know that one solution would be to make many different sheets and put them all in one dashboard, but I was wondering if there was a quicker way to build this view onto one sheet.


      The data is formatted like this:



      MeasureWeek endingOnline appointment form enquiryInbound phone enquiryTotal enquiriesTotal ActivityNon-ContactNon-qualityIn progressReferred to Face-to-Face AdviceReferred to Phone-based AdviceReferred to Scaled Advice (limited)Referred to Scaled Advice (BTAC)Referred to Scaled Advice (Super)
      BT 2/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnnn
      BT Adviser View2/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnnn
      WFP 2/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnnn
      SGFP 2/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnnn
      Get moving2/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnnn
      BT 9/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnnn
      BT Adviser View9/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnnn
      WFP 9/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnnn
      SGFP 9/10/2015nnnnnnnnnnn



          with digits where the n's are, and many more weeks going further down the page.


      The problem I am having is getting both the W/W view and the most recent week view on the same sheet.


      Please let me know if you can help.