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    hiding a column in  action quick filter

    Divya Nanduri



      I have 2 dashboards and the user navigates from Dashboard1 to Dashboard 2. I have action filter on dashboard 1 that filters data on Dashboard.


      I have Region , FileName fields in the dasboard1.


      In Dashboard 2, Region, FileName, Column on the reports.


      When I select the menu action , it passes region name, file name  to dashboard2.   . Everything works well.


      Now the issue is, I want the action filter to show only the related values.


      Example. : If I select Region Name= Central, File Name= A1 in Dahsboard1, In the action filter  in dashboard2, I want the action quick filter to show just the File Names related to "Central " region. 



      FYI...my data connections are extracts.


      Can anyone please help me with this.


      Thank you.