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    Car Shopping?  Helpful Viz!

    Mike Konopinski

      Hey All,


      Just figured I'd share this helpful viz that I made up for my family.  We're starting the grueling process of SUV shopping and I was overwhelmed by how many make and model options were out there.  Since we had narrowed down the most important features a viz seemed like the perfect way to identify exactly what dealers we should visit. 


      In this viz:


      1.  Bar length indicates how long the SUV is in inches (we wanted a smaller SUV for city driving and parking in Seattle).

      2.  Color indicates the Base MSRP, darker color means the SUV is more expensive.  This is a filterable option.

      3.  If the SUV has a Y then it has an option for a 3rd row seat, this is a feature we need so it's included.

      4.  Make and Model are concatenated in the chart though you can filter on Make if you only want to look at certain ones.


      After building this we've already identified what SUV we want and it was a huge help.  Now we just need to find one and start bartering!  If you find this useful but need other car types, years, features... just let me know.  I plan on adding more SUV years to it and can add other detail if there's enough interest.


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