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    Bar graph to be shown where same items of dimension need to be grouped together for a date

    chandra shekhar banerjee

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement where I have to show different items of the dimension column together for  particular Date.


      For example, From Superstore Sample Data, I consider Date,Category & Sales.


      I consider three random categories - Large Box;Small Box & Jumbo Drum.

      I consider three random dates - 14th,15th and 17th Jan 2014.

      I consider Sales figure for those dates and categories.


      Now the bar graph should populate such a way that three Large Box should be visible together,three Small Box should be visible together & three Jumbo Drum should be visible together side by side for respective dates.

      Please find the attached screen-shot for the same as well as data from superstore sample.


      Note:Combined field was a solution which I could figure out, but X-axis  appears as a combined field of both data and category which is meaningless for the end user.


      Thanks for all your help in advanced.


      Chandra Shekhar