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    Joining three excel workbooks in Tableau

    Rajarshi Ghose Dastidar

      Hey guys,


      I am trying to join three excel workbooks in Tableau (not three sheets in the same file). My joining criteria is something like this:



      Connection between 1st & 2nd files: 


      File 1Rated Party
      File 2Enriched Name


      Connection between 2nd & 3rd files:


      File 2Corporate ID
      File 3Emp Id


      Now I'm trying to create a conditional new variable on the 3rd file, and use it on the 1st file as a filter. It throws an error because in reality there's no join between the 1st and 3rd files, and there's no unique key to join them as well. Basically my 2nd file is currently just a dummy file to help me join my 1st and 2nd files.

      If anyone has faced similar challenges and/or knows a workaround, please suggest.