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    Modifying part of a forecast based on a future action

    Daniel Blough



      I've been using Tableau for a few months and am still relatively new.  I have created a worksheet which takes historical data for shipping volume and displays how many shipments were on time and how many are missed in a stacked bar chart, as well as the percentage missed of the total shipped as a line on the same chart. The data source is an Access database that was created merging 40 reports in Excel and has about 400,000 rows total (and growing every month).


      I have added the forecast option and while it works pretty well, I would now like to be able to say, "We expect to lose or gain X customer 3 months from now," and have the forecast change for those months only after the date we expect to lose or gain them, but not before.  Is this possible in Tableau?  I'm open to solutions that require Excel or Access also.


      Thanks for any assistance in advance,



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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde



          Great question.  You are trying to do what/if scenario work with Tableau which is really cool.  I can only think to create a new measure using a parameter to cover the months in the future that are plus/minus the most recent month of data and then add a forecast from this new measure.  A workbook would help here.  What you can't do is have a forecast that overlaps data in the view so if there is data for September, 2016 (future), then no forecast will be built for that same date value.


          If you are going to get really detailed about your forecasting, you might consider integrating Tableau with R to do statistical analysis.  There are a lot of online resources to assist with that effort. 


          I hope that helps.