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    Apply to Worksheet Filter Misbehaving

    Joshua Preston

      In my dash, I have three views. 1- a simple bar chart that is filtering on a dimension called Book Title. I want this dimension to filter on the two other worksheets – book cover image and caption info. – on the Dashboard. I'm using Book Title as a quick filter on the dash (using Apply to Worksheets). But the sheets for 1-book cover image and 2- caption info. go blank when using that quick filter. What am I missing? Thanks in advance. Workbook attached.

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          Your dashboards are always so beautifully arranged.

          Very nicely done again.


          As you've seen, the selection by the dropdown filter seems

          to override the Action Filter which should have remained on

          the last selection as per its setting. But the dropdown brings

          up the one entry in the table and shows it unselected.

          The user must then select that entry in the table in order to get

          the cover and caption to show. I'm not sure if there is a way

          to simultaneously force selection of the table entry with

          selection of the dropdown filter.


          You've likely already rejected this, but I saw that when

          I set the action filter to "Show all values" upon clearing

          a selection, it seems to work OK with the dropdown filter.

          The unfortunate side effect is that it does what it's supposed to

          do and shows all the book covers when a selection is cleared.


          This is probably more than is necessary, but I thought

          maybe it might work to try some sheet swapping, with one

          sheet being activated when the dropdown is set to All

          and then responds by Dashboard Actions, and the other

          that responds when the dropdown is set to a particular book.

          I think the count of books (1 or many) could be used as a filter to

          determine which sheet shows. But I haven't worked that out yet.

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            Joshua Preston

            Thanks Swaroop for laying out an alternate. I played around with the dashboard to get it "user friendly" and the best solution I found is to "Show All" the image thumbnails when the filter is cleared. If the user searches the dropdown filter or clicks on the bar chart (with the Action filter), they'll get the same experience. Here's the link to the final viz. Cheers!

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              Well done, sir. Thanks for sharing.


              (One small note, it may be intentional, but I did notice that when Beezus and Ramona was selected,

              two thumbnails showed up.)

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                Joshua Preston

                Ah, thanks. Not intentional. I looked at my data and that book had two different URLs. In the dashboard, I have a URL action that goes to the book page online if the image is clicked. I updated the book's URL and the image is fixed. thanks.

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