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    Previous records from dataset





      I have this data set in which i am :


        1) putting SP_STATUS into the filters shelf and choosing active status only.

        2) i want to show two columns:

          2.1)  count of issue   ( this one is easy as i am counting the issues for the SP 3 which is active)

          2.2) here is my problem : i want to count the issues of previous inactive SPs (using the SP_ID) , in this case i will have :

            count of issues = 2

            count prev issues = 4


      in summary:  for the current active sprint, count all issues that were in previous sprints (sprint_id is less than current active sprint).


        can this be done dynamically ? in which it keep working when adding new records to the data set (maybe some new active SPs , and deactivating the current one?)



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          Sanjay Nimbark

          Hi Ammar,


          You can do various way you can use calculation :  {Fixed [sp_status]: count (sp_id)} AND BRING TO ROW SELF AND SP_STATUS IN COLUMN SELF


          also you just use sp_staus on row self and use sp_id or issue I cant see any distinct ID but you can use any business_id on  label self to get count or distinct count


          you can share your workbook then I will guide you more .


          kind Regards,


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            Hi Sanjay


            Thanks for your reply.

            Actually my aim is to create a calculated field that can reference the current active sp_id on screen, and get anything less than this id.

            in sql something like :


            select count(issue_id)

            from  issues

            where  sp_id < &active_sp_id;


            so that each time i change the current active_sp i can get the count of anything happened before it.