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    How to change index() sort (Ascending vs Decending) based on measurement Type.

    Ned Buschelman

      Good Morning.

        I currently use a "Top N" parameter and a True/False filter to provide my Top 1-10 Incident Type of my measurement value for analysis using a calculated field "Rank" (index()). I have two measures,"# of incidents" and "Days to Delay", provided in a calculated field "Meas. Param" which I select singularly via a parameter "Measurement Parameter". The issue is I would like to sort my Incident Types  by # of Incidents descending (100-1) and my Days to Delay ascending (1-100). When I view the Incident types I would like to see my Top N incident types with the most incidents. When I view my incident types by Days to delay I want to see my Top N incident types by fewest days.


      Is there a way to dynamically accomplish this? If I add a third measure "Delay Hours" with a descending sort what would the impact be?



      Thank you in advance and I apologize for any forum faux pas.