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    Adding summary to map points?


      Hi all,


      I'm new to tableau and am curious if what I am envisioning is possible. I'm working with mostly qualitative data (survey results) which I have codified in excel. I have a map created with different housing complexes around a city. I would like to, upon clicking a certain point, a sort of profile to pop up for that specific housing complex. For example, when clicking Oak Creek Apartments, we would see a quick summary on this apartment such as "This apartment complex requires all applicants to have no record of criminal felony. Requires an application fee of $30 per person. Deposits range from ... " and so on. This feature is crucial as the intention of this project is an easy to use resource for housing applicants.


      I've only seen maps that isolate a certain data point on a graph below upon clicking, but haven't seen any that pull up individual graphs or summaries upon clicking. Is this something that is possible to implement?


      Thank you!