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    Create a "placeholder" when data doesn't exist in the data set

    Scott Kailey



      I need to be able to represent a 0 count and $0.00 amount on my tableau worksheet when there are no records in the dataset for the values I am grouping.  I have attached a screenshot as an example.


      In the screenshot, I am showing groupings on delenquency.  You can see I have the following:







      All of these are shoing because there are records in the dataset with these values.  What are missing are the 120DPD and 150DPD because there are no records for those.  I still need to be able to show that 120DPD and 150DPD have a 0 count and 0.00 amount on the dashboard.  I can't figure out a good calculation or another way to do it.  Any suggestions?