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    I would like to "calcluate" the entered custom field list to check match on filtered items

    Monique Kloen



      Maybe someone can help.


      I have a tableau worksheet that displays information based on the filter items entered by the user. I want to enable the user to enter the raw data he receives and copy paste it as text in the custom field list filter.


      This would be the text (something like this):





      Then I want tableau to check if a match exists with my item list. So evaluate only part of the entered text for the filter. The entered text will always contain the value "cell" before the actual itemnr follows.


      Attached a small example. The "thisisanexamplecell2345" should make a match to item numer 2345 in the list for item numbers.


      Would that be possible with tableau? Or, is there any other solution? Copy, past data as table would require the user to have a tableau desktop license instead of reader/server solution right? That would not be a solution then in this case.


      Many thanks,