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    How to do simple batch subscriptions?

    Nicholas Andonakis



      I've just installed VizAlerts and have been going through the User Guide. I can't quite work out the right way to do what I'm looking for, which is simple batch subscriptions.  i.e. subscribe a list of emails to a view.

      I don't want to do anything fancy or custom...just weekly, I centrally control a list of who gets an email. The email just needs to be the default email that VizAlerts does for a view.


      Do I need to configure the email construction and customisation parts in Advanced Alerts Walkthrough #2 - Send a Custom Viz?


      Ideally what I was hoping for is a central configuration table datasource, which I can blend with a particular view to have it emailed to the right recipients based on the configuration file.


      Can you advise how I could do that?