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    How to provide an individual dynamic URL to a table cell value

    Rahul Nambiar



      My requirement may look simple but I am finding it very hard to get it done in tableau.

      I am basically having a text table consisting of Informations regarding some Defects/Bugs, Columns namely the Bug_ID, Description, Severity, Priority, Found by, Age, Type.

      Now my requirement is when I am to click on any of the Bug_ID in the Bug ID column, It should redirect me to the information page of that particular bug, Say in HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

      A representation is given as follows.



      Say on clicking on ID 90010 It should redirect or open up the URL or page showing the information of that particular defect with ID: 90010 (For example in ALM).

      By the way i am using Tableau 8.2.


      Is this in an way possible in tableau as individual dynamic links?


      Any help on this situation will be highly regarded.


      Thanks in advance,