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    How to display some text message when no value in quick filter is selected

    Rekha Bathla

      Hi Everyone,


      In dashboard I have quick filter on "Material".. When no value for material is selected,  I need to display text message like "Please select value from the drop down" .

      I am trying to implement this using multiple worksheets and using concept of switching between sheets on the dashboard. But problem is I am not able to apply any condition on quick filter (calculation on quick filter) for criteria to have data in worksheet one at a time.


      Please help if anybody knows any other work around for this requirement .




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          Chris Dickson

          I believe this is not possible, the mechanism would be that once all things are filtered out there are no rows in the subset being visualized to attach the text against.


          I'd love to be proven wrong as this is something i have struggled with in the past.


          I've tried using size() but because there are no rows it doesn't show, i've tried floating a text box and the chart so that the chart collapsing (with no records) shows the box but when with data hides the text box, but i struggled to get it to work consistently.


          Good luck!

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            Kristy McGee

            Good morning Rekha,

            There are a couple of tricks that I have found.  I usually use a 'filler' sheet.  It is something that is filtered for the same as your main sheet(s).  You can either do this in a horizontal or vertical container.  The only problem I have found is that with the vertical - you cannot fix the height to larger than the dashboard height (standard 1000).  The horizontal allows you to 'go off the grid'. 

            I have attached an example worksheet.



            • Main Viz(s)
            • Filler (sheet with same filter that has a xy axis of 1 - looks like a blank sheet)
            • Text object
              •    Layer - an object (vertical or horizontal object on top of the text object - mimicking the text objects dimensions) and color the same as your dashboard to hide the text
              •    All objects are visible - but the no data will rise to the top when no data is selected.



            This is simpler for me, but takes a little 'pixel math'

            • Main Viz
            • Filler
            • Text
              • The filler and main viz will disappear when there is no data - leaving only the text object.
              • Size is the pixel with of the dashboard x 2 + a little padding for the filler sheet.


            If you have any issues or anything, please let me know.